Spending One Day In Cambridge

Despite living less than an hour away from the town of Cambridge my whole life, I only recently made time to visit with a friend… But boy was it worth the wait

My First Hostel Experience

Staying in a youth hostel isn’t for everyone, my first hostel experience in Copenhagen this December was actually a bit of a nightmare!!

Which Of Copenhagen’s Royal Attractions Should You Visit?

Denmark has one of the oldest monarchies in the world meaning its capital, Copenhagen, is stuffed full of Royal Attractions…


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A Guide To Visiting Copenhagen In Winter

Following my trip to Corsica, my next destination was Denmark’s capital: Copenhagen. I visited in December, and so here’s my guide to visiting in winter…

The 5 Best Restaurants in Porto Vecchio Corsica

One of the best things about my recent trip to Corsica was the food!

7 Things to do in Porto Vecchio, Corsica

The base for my family’s trip to Corsica was the wonderful town of Porto Vecchio. Despite being small, we found a lot of things to do!

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EasyJet Flight Review

Easyjet operates budget flights across Europe and Northern Africa. That so I wanted to share a review of my recent experience flying with them to Corsica…

Travel Guide to Bonifacio, Corsica

perched on top of limestone cliffs, Bonifacio is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Corsica! Thus it was top of my list of places to visit on the island…

The reason I fell in love with travelling

I always thought I simply loved the sense of adventure and confidence that comes with travel! However, on a recent trip to the island of Corsica, I realised the true reason I fell in love with travelling…

Bali Two Week Itinerary

Have you ever wondered how best to spend two weeks in Indonesia? Well look no further, Here’s a full guide on how I spent my time in Bali, The Gilis and Lombok…

5 Unique Things to do in Ubud

If you google: ‘things to do in Ubud’ the main suggestion that comes up is too visit the monkey forest. But, there are also countless unique things to do…