6 Things To Do In Galway Ireland

When in Ireland you absolutely have to visit Galway! The city is filled with Irish charm, great people and even greater pubs. Whatsmore, walk five minutes away from the lively city centre and you can enjoy a picturesque walk along the seafront. This means that there’s plenty of things to do in Galway despite it being relatively small:

Things To Do In Galway Ireland –

1) Drink on Quay Street –

Quay Street is the bustling heart of Galway. Its colourful houses are draped with flags and bunting which brightens even the rainiest Irish day.  


It’s also home to most of Galway’s famous pubs! My favourite is undoubtedly Quays Bar which has been open for over 400 years and has amazing live music!

2) Eat Your Heart Out –

The restaurants in Galway are superb! Therefore, one of my top things to do in Galway is to try and sample as much food as possible… Located so close to the sea, it’s no surprise that the town is renowned for its seafood. You’ll find restaurants serving fish and chips throughout the city! Some of the best I had was from  The Front Door. 

This said, my favourite restaurant in Galway is one specialising in Mexican/Italian: High Cafe. Located on Quay Street, the restaurant is hard to spot because it’s not on street level (hence the name). You have to climb a hidden flight of stairs to reach the restaurant but it’s more than worth the extra effort!

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3) Stroll To The Harbour And Along The Long Walk –

One of the most scenic parts of Galway is its harbour. Here you can catch a glimpse of the famous Galway Hookers… Clear your mind as these are simply old fishing boats!

Galway Harbour, things to do in galway ireland

From the harbour, you can then walked back into town via the ‘Long walk’ – a section of the bay adorned by colourful houses. By doing so you’ll also pass one of the oldest things to see in Galway, the Spanish Arch, which was built in 1584!

Top Things to do in galway ireland, see the long walk

The Long Walk which is seen at the end of Ed Sheeran’s video for Galway Girl!

4) Sample Some Murphy’s Ice Cream –

Moving back to food briefly, Galway is home to Murphy’s Ice Cream Shop which is said to serve the best Ice Cream in Ireland, a statement I definitely agree with! Even If you travel to Galway in the cooler months I’d recommend getting a cone… Or two. 😉

5) Visit Salthill –

If you ask locals what to do in Galway, many will suggest heading to Salthill. It takes about 20-minutes to walk from the city centre to Salthill, however, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque coastal views and beaches that are popular with locals and tourists alike. In the summer months, some brave souls even dive into the Atlantic from a custom-built diving tower.

6) Take One Of The Many Day Trips From Galway –

One of the great things about Galway is that it’s so close to many of Ireland’s rural attractions. For example, it’s very easy to take a Cliffs of Moher tour from Galway. The cliffs are only about an hour and a half’s drive away from the city and as one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks, they are certainly worth a visit!

Cliffs of Moher tour from Galway

Other areas of the countryside that are easy to reach from Galway are the Burren (a unique landscape dominated by limestone rocks) and the Aran Islands, that can be reached by boat from Galway Bay.

There’s really an endless amount of Galway Tours that you could take!


I fell in love with Galway when I visited and hopefully by doing some of the things on my list of ‘things to do in Galway Ireland’ you’ll leave the city feeling the same way!

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