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Earth’s Magical Places is a travel blog created and run by me – Rachel Clarke. A 20-year-old British adventurer with an ambition to see as many of our planets ‘magical places’ as possible.

Whether that be a whole country, a city, or a simple beach, our world is full of beauty and wonder that I’m just dying to see…

Before the Adventures – 

Throughout my childhood, my answer to the age-old question of: ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ would be different every time. I went through stages of wanting to be an Olympic show-jumper, Doctor, Vet, even an actress (I was young don’t hate me 😉 ).

But, after completing my A-Levels (equivalent to a High School Diploma in the U.S.) it dawned on me that I still had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life…

As a result, while all my friends were making steps into the world: loving university or their full-time jobs, I found myself constantly battling with the questions of what am I passionate about? And where could it take me?  

This sparked somewhat of an early life crisis at 19. I dropped out of law school after only one term, realising I was there for all the wrong reasons! Following this, I was at a loss for a long time. But, it turns out, this was the best decision I ever made!

Stepping out into the world –

I’ve always loved travelling and was lucky enough to venture throughout Europe during my childhood and early teens! But, it was my All American Road Trip which really inspired me to want to see more of our beautiful planet!

On top of this, it was following this trip that I started writing about my travels and found its something I really enjoy doing! I’m not a qualified writer, nor do I claim to be! I’m in fact dyslexic and therefore the queen of typos and spelling mistakes! None the less, this blog has turned into something I’m incredibly passionate about and it has fuelled my wanderlust to explore as many of ‘Earth’s Magical Places’ as possible… And its a journey I want to continue sharing with you all…

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