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The 5 Best Restaurants in Porto Vecchio Corsica

One of the best things about my recent trip to Corsica was the food. If you think Pizza, hearty French dishes and seafood will tickle your taste-buds, then the island is definitely somewhere you’ll want to visit!

Staying in the town of Porto Vecchio for around two weeks allowed my family and I to sample such foods from many of the town’s restaurants. I have to say that all the meals we had were delicious! But, if you forced me to recommend somewhere, I’d suggest one of the five restaurants below.

Thus, here’s my opinion on ‘The 5 Best Restaurants in Porto Vecchio Corsica’:


1) Le Refuge –

Porto Vecchio’s highest rated restaurant on Trip Advisor is Le Refuge. It’s actually located about 20-minutes away from town’s center, but since a drive into the mountains should be top of your ‘to do list’ anyhow, it’s a spot you really don’t want to miss!


Make sure you check out my post on the ‘best things to do in Porto Vecchio’.

Le Refuge’s menu offers authentic Corsican cuisine, with the restaurant’s speciality being roast pork. Although I couldn’t quite bring myself to eat piglet, I have to confess that the smell coming from the next table was pretty mouth-watering!

Whatsmore with mains being reasonably priced at around €20, you may even have some change to spare at the restaurant’s shop, where you can purchase many of the cured meats and cheeses featured on the menu!

To summarise I’d say that Le Refuge is a very charming and rustic hidden gem.

2) Le Lodge –

Out of all of Porto Vecchio’s restaurants, I might go as far to say that this next one was my favourite…

Located in the towns beautiful harbour area, Le Lodge offers ‘a taste of home’ amongst the more traditional restaurants in Porto Vecchio. A wide burger selection was just the thing my dad and I were looking for after a day of lazing in the sun! The waiter was even kind enough to accommodate my gluten-free needs.

As a dessert lover, however, the restaurants melt in the middle chocolate pudding was the crowning jewel!

porto vecchio corsica restaurants le lodge 3

3) Tropicana – 

Also located in the harbour, Tropicana mainly makes this list due to its amazingly strong cocktails… The accompanying food isn’t too bad either! 😉

This restaurant is somewhere you’ll definitely want to visit if you’re a fish lover. This is because my mum and I both had the most amazing seafood dishes! For one, my mum was served the most generous (and delicious) portion of muscles I’ve ever seen.

This said I’d recommend trying to get to Tropicana in the early evening as by the time we arrived at around 8pm they had run out of quite a few things on the menu!

4) Sous La Fannelle – 

The fourth of my best Porto Vecchio restaurants is Sous La Fannelle. We stumbled upon this little gem whilst stupidly trying to find somewhere to eat on Bastille day. Despite being nearly full the staff kindly squeezed us in…

restaurant porto vecchio

Rather than having a menu, the waitress brought us over a board and ran through the dishes of the day. Not only did this mean we didn’t have to translate, it also added a personal touch which we much appreciated.

What’s more, the atmosphere of this restaurant was simply charming! Its located in a cobbled backstreet and has vine-covered walls, making it the perfect location for couples or even families that just want to eat somewhere a little cosy. 🙂

SIDE NOTE:  at all of the Porto Vecchio restaurants we visited, the menus were in French. Therefore I’d highly recommend downloading the google translate app whereby you can use your phone’s camera to translate the menus to English!

5) Les Jardins De La Paresse –

Last but by no means least is Les Jardines De La Paressea pizzeria located in the centre of the old town, which also has fantastic views out over the harbour.

Having a varied menu of not only pizza but also fish, meats and risotto meant that this restaurant was the only one we returned to.

The service and food were excellent each time we visited – with the added bonus of an English waiter which made it much easier to order and communicate what we wanted!

The restaurant itself is idyllic…. Situated down some steep steps, its multiple garden terraces are cut out from the rock. This means that despite being in the centre of town, the restaurant is miles away from the craziness of the main streets.

Because of this, Les Jardins De La Paresse has the perfect combination of gorgeous food, kind waiting staff and breath-taking views, meaning that it for sure deserved a place on my list of the best restaurants in Porto Vecchio Corsica.




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7 Things to do in Porto Vecchio, Corsica

Continuing with my string of posts about Corsica, France, I want to share with you the best things to do in and around the town of Porto Vecchio, my families base for our two-week trip to the island.

I have to say that my mum made an excellent choice opting for a villa just outside Porto Vecchio because I quickly learnt that the town is charming and has an abundance of character.

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio Corsica

More than this, although Porto Vecchio is located on the islands southern coast (meaning it has numerous pristine beaches to enjoy) a quick drive inland will alter the landscape into one that is dominated by towering pine trees and mountains.

These conflicting landscapes not only make Porto Vecchio an extremely magical place to visit but also creates a lot of things to do:


1) Explore the Town –

The first thing on my list of ‘Things to do in Porto Vecchio, Corsica’ may seem obvious, but you’d be a fool to stay in/around Porto Vecchio without taking time to appreciate the town itself.

Up in the hills, the heart of Porto Vecchio is a maze of adorable stone streets, which are filled with boutique shops selling anything from clothes to homeware.  Meanwhile, there are countless Bakery’s, Gelato stores and restaurants in the centre of town that are bound to get your taste buds tingling.

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio Corsica - explore the town

In addition to this, Porto Vecchio actually extends down the hillside into a small harbour area, which has a slightly more modern vibe than the rest of the town. Here too you’ll find several waterfront restaurants/bars to enjoy.

2) Head To The Beach –

As I’ve already briefly mentioned, there are plenty of beautiful beaches near Porto Vecchio whereby you can relax and take in the sunshine. The top two ‘Porto Vecchio Beaches’ that I’d recommend are:

Plage de Palombaggia –

Voted one of the best beaches in Corsica on Trip Advisor, ‘Plage de Palombaggia’ is certainly beautiful! For one, it has some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen!

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio - Plage de Palombaggia

However thanks to this reputation, the beach can get pretty crowded. None the less, it’s still worth a visit because its beauty far out weights any cons brought by the crowds.

More than this, you’ll still find plenty of sun loungers to rent on the beach and its popularity actually brings some benefits as it means there’s a beach hut which offers watersports such as paddle boarding and Jet Ski Hire.

This said if you do want to try and avoid the crowds, you can head to the beaches ‘secret cove’… I would like to point out at this stage that this is not an official name but one I creatively thought of to describe a spot on the beach that I found. 😉

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio - Plage de Palombaggia -2

If you walk to the far left side of the beach, the sand will narrow and be replaced by rocks. If you then paddle through the shallow water here and around the back of said rocks, you will reach the ‘secret cove’.  Admittedly, it is a bit of a walk to reach, but this difficulty brings pristine sand, tranquillity, calm seas and the perfect spot for snorkelling!

Santa Giulia Beach –

Slightly further along the coast lies ‘Santa Giulia Beach’. It is actually pretty similar to Palombaggia in the sense that it offers watersports and has breathtakingly clear water. For this reason, I can’t say which out of them is my favourite as I found them both to be amazing.

However, I would say that Santa Giulia is was a lot quieter and more relaxed. Also, there’s a particularly good cocktail bar right on the waterfront which could tip the balance slightly in its favour. 😉

3) Drive into the island interior –

Perhaps my top thing to do from Porto Vecchio is hire a car and drive into the islands interior. This is because you’ll see that Corsica is more than just beaches and sea. In fact, two-thirds of the island’s territory is made up of spectacular granite mountains and vast forests which are tied together by numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio - drive to the mountains

During my visit, we drove a simple loop up through the mountains and back along back the coast (a journey which took about 4hours). It was simply an amazing experience, largely because I had not expected such scenery to greet me on such a tiny and often overlooked island. I actually lost count of the number of times we pulled over to fully take in the view!

4) Tackle a High Ropes Course –

The scenery which makes up Corsica’s interior also creates a paradise for sports enthusiasts. For example, there is a seemingly endless choice of trails to explore. However, my dad and I opted for something a little more spine-tingling…  Xtreme Suds High Ropes Course. 

A short drive from Porto Vecchio (and yet right in the heart of the forest) this high ropes course is similar to ones found on the French mainland, it’s just slightly more extreme… They were not kidding with the name!

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio - drive to the mountains 2

One of the courses actually takes you out of the trees and up a huge rock face, a climb which also provides amazing views back down into the valley. Of course, you then get to Zip-Line the 60 or so meters back down!

The park is definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon, as each course is slightly different meaning things are kept interesting. Adding to this, tickets are a very reasonable price – only around €20 for an adult.

5) Go Canyoning – 

If heights aren’t your thing but you’re still keen to explore the islands interior, then another activity that might take you fancy is Canyoning. Thanks to the islands many rivers and waterfalls there are several different companies that operate exciting (and presumably heart-stopping) canyoning tours from Porto Vecchio.

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio, Corsica - canyoning

I did not personally take any such tours because if I’m honest the rope climbing took a lot out of me… Who knew your arms could ache so much! 😉 But it looks like a fabulous experience and something I’d love to do if I ever return.

6) Take A Boat Trip –

My next top thing to do in Porto Vecchio is to take a boat tour as the amazing waters around Southern Corsica will fool you into thinking you’re somewhere in the tropics:

Hiring a boat is something my family tries to do on most our trips since I’m pretty such that my dad is part fish. Sadly, unlike in most places in Europe, you don’t seem to be able to hire your own boat from Porto Vecchio. Whats more, the companies that offer driven tours from the harbour all seem pretty expensive.

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio, Corsica - take a boat trip

Thankfully, however, after a bit of looking around, we spotted Croisiere Exclusive and choose to join their ‘Circuit Dentente’ tour for €60 – which although still a little pricey, was far cheaper than any of the other tours! Our driver for the afternoon took us to some amazing spots! But more than this, he was simply the nicest guy, who even provided homemade Corsican Biscuits and a cocktail on board.

7) Visit Bonifacio –

Although a bit further away from Porto Vecchio than the other things on my list, if you have access to a car, you should not think twice about driving to the medieval town of Bonifacio. Bursting with history and beautiful views, Bonifacio is not only the oldest town in Corsica but arguably the islands most popular.

Top things to do in Porto Vecchio Corsica - visit Bonifacio

Read my Ultimate Guide to Bonifacio for more information!


So there you have it my 7 top things to do in Porto Vecchio, Corsica which, to be honest, may be my favourite destination of 2017.  🙂

I’ve you’ve been to Porto Vecchio yourself and have any suggestions of other tops things to do, let me know in the comments below! 

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Travel Guide to Bonifacio, Corsica

Bonifacio, Corsica is an old town on the islands southernmost point. Perched on top of limestone cliffs, the narrow streets of the town’s citadel give way to spectacular viewpoints. Meanwhile, its modern marina plays hosts to chic bars and splendid restaurants making it a destination that my family and I surely couldn’t miss on our trip to the island.

Travel Guide to Bonifacio Corsica

In this way, we visited on a day trip from our base of Porto-Vecchio, which is about a 40minute drive from the town.

Following this visit I’ve compiled a Travel Guide to Bonifacio, Corsica which you can read below. 🙂  


Parking in Bonifacio – 

There are two options for parking in Bonifacio, but to be honest neither are brilliant…

One option is to park in the citadel/old town as there is a small car park by the marine cemetery. However, this is the least favourable option since spaces are severely limited, meaning you’re unlikely to be able to park unless you arrive very early in the morning!

Travel Guide to Bonifacio Corsica - where to park in Bonifacio

Comparatively, a second car park (opposite the marina) is substantially bigger and subsequently were my family and I opted to park. This said, in the summer months you should still expect queues for a space.

Whats more, the car-park was horrendously expensive! However, this could be expected as Bonifacio is one of Corsica’s main towns.

Getting to the Old Town –

Parking opposite the marina brings the challenge of getting to the old town, which seems so very far away, on top of a very steep cliff…

Thankfully, the ‘Le Petit Train’ operates as a taxi service between the citadel and marina for the price of €5.

Although this seems a little pricey, for me it was more than worthwhile as it enabled us to explore the old town, without dying from walking in the 40°C heat.

Travel Guide to Bonifacio Corsica - Corsica Holidays

This said we did end up walking back down to the marina as it seemed pointless to wait for the train when the temperature had dropped in the evening, and the journey back was all downhill!

TOP TIP:  if you do plan to take the train back down as-well bare in mind it stops running at 8pm! 

Things to do –

Despite being a relatively small town, there’s a lot to do in Bonifacio:

1) Take a Boat trip –

One of the best things to do in Bonifacio, Corsica is to take a boat trip! There are several companies which operate from the harbour, but my family and I opted to go with Rocca Croisieres Boat Tour Company. 

Their 1hour route (circuit one) takes you round to explore Bonifacio’s colossal limestone cliffs and the caves within them. It also visits several hidden coves, and on our trip, the driver even pointed out key landmarks such as the town’s war memorial and lighthouse.

Personally, I loved seeing the old town perched on the cliff-top. The houses are built right up to the edge, meaning you’d certainly have to have a head for heights to live in them! Another highlight was the ‘Cave Of Sdragonato’ which has an opening in its roof in the shape of Corsica.

Travel Guide to Bonifacio Corsica - things to do in Corsica

2) Walk The King of Aragon Stairway –

Allegedly carved out in one night by soldiers of the King of Aragon, a steep stairwell (accessed from the citadel) allows you to ascend down Bonifacio’s cliffs to just above the turquoise seas! You can then walk along a path cut out in the rock to witness magical views of the coast.

Travel Guide to Bonifacio, Corsica - Corsica main towns

TOP TIP: the 187 steps that make up the stairway are uneven and pretty hard going, so make sure you feel fit enough to take them on!! 

3) Take in the view from the citadel/old town –

If you don’t feel like tackling the Aragon Stairwell, fear not, because Bonifacio’s old town produces breathtaking views around every corner:

One of the best views in the house is located right at the edge of town, just past the marine cemetery. Here, old war bunkers provide the perfect spot to take in sea views and watch the sunset over the towns ancient lighthouse.

things to do in Corsica - Travel Guide to Bonifacio Corsica

TOP TIP: on a clear day you can make out the outline of Sardinia as its only 12km away from the towns most southern point. 

4) Explore the streets of the old town –

A maze of narrow cobbled streets and medieval buildings, possibly the best thing to do in Bonifacio is simply to explore the old town and discover its many picturesque squares and small cafes/restaurants.

The charm of the old town is second to none! With stone archways and other small architectural details making it, thus far, one of my favourite places in Europe!

Buildings of special significance in the town include the 13th century Church of Saint-Dominique and the 12th century Church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure (the oldest building in Bonifacio).

5) Shop till you drop –

Bonifacio also has a good selection of shops for you to browse in, both in the old town and the marina area. Whatsmore, unlike most places I’ve visited, the souvenir’s on offer, although touristy, weren’t too tacky!

6) Join a yacht party –

I’m joking with this last point, but thought it was worth mentioning that never in my life have I seen so many superyachts in one place!!

Travel Guide to Bonifacio Corsica 2

Walking back down to the marina my family and I watch in awe as yacht after yacht pulled into shore and cranked up their music to host what I’m sure were both amazing and eye wateringly expensive parties…

Where to Eat –

As our invites to the previously mentioned yacht parties seemingly got lost in the post, we instead opted to grab dinner in Bonifacio before heading home.

Our venue of choice was Dorsia, which is located in the marina, right on the water’s edge. Serving an array of fresh fish, meats and pasta, the food was simply to die for and the service second to none! For example, despite not having a cocktail menu, the waiter was kind enough to whip together a concoction of alcohol and fruit juice to quench my thirst.

In this way, I would suggest that Dorsia is one of Bonifacio’s best restaurants… This said, if you visit the town you shall be spoilt for choice as there were many more restaurants within the marina area that struck our fancy, as well as several adorable spots in the citadel!

Thus if you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide to Bonifacio’s best restaurants then check out TripAdvisor.

Where to Stay – 

As mentioned at the start of this post, I only visited Bonifacio on a day trip and so did not stay in the town. This said, there is certainly enough to do to warrant an overnight stay. I for one would have loved more time to explore!

However, there does not seem to be a great deal of accommodation available… This said, there are a few hotels within the town and also Villas for rent within the area – Find out More on

None the less, Corsica is only a small island so it would be possible to stay elsewhere and visit several times. 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed my day trip to Bonifacio and it’s a town I would thoroughly recommend others to visit! Whats more, I would happily return myself… Perhaps on my future superyacht. 😉

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Have you been to Bonifacio yourself? Planning a trip to Corsica? Let me know in the comments below!


Corsica is a destination everyone should travel too in Europe! Part of France, the island is full of mountains, beaches and fabulous food. One of the best things to do is visit the wonderful town of Bonifacio: read why in this post

Bali Two Week Itinerary

If you’ve been following ‘Earth’s Magical Places’ over the last few months you should be well aware of my Bali Island Hopping adventure. Afterall, I have written a handful (a pretty big handful) of posts about my time in Indonesia.

This said I wanted to make one final post explaining where I stayed and how much time I spent in each destination… Mainly because I enjoy reading itinerary style posts myself, but also to provide a suggestion of how you too could spend two weeks in paradise.

Thus, below you’ll find my complete Bali Two Week Itinerary:


Days 1-3 Sanur Bali – 

My first few days in Indonesia were spent acclimatising to the humidity of South-East Asia and combating my Jet-Lag in the laid-back province of Sanur.

With a full itinerary planned for the rest of my trip, it was amazing to have a few days to relax by the pool and enjoy my new surroundings… The food in Sanur is pretty darn good as well!

Bali two week itinerary - Sanur

TOP TIP: I’d highly suggest starting your trip in either Sanur, Seminyak or Jimbaran as these areas are located close to the airport. Trust me, the proximity is a godsend when all you want to do after a long flight is collapse on your hotel bed!

Where to stay –

For my first few days in Bali, I wanted to treat myself to a little luxury and decided to book three nights in the Artotel Sanur– which I have actually already reviewed in full here.

Bali two week itinerary - Sanur where to stay

There is, however, a lot of different types of accommodation available in Sanur, whether that be more affordable hotels or private waterfront villas! In other words, there’s something to suit everyone.

Where to Eat –

As mentioned above Sanur is full of fantastic places to eat. However, the eateries here are mainly local Warungs, so if you’re looking for westernised food you could be disappointed. This said I personally loved sampling Indonesian dishes and eating with the locals!

Day 4 – Transfer to Nusa Lembongan 

Next, I departed from Sanur’s port to the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan. Despite being small in size this little island is packed full of fantastic things to see and do – Check out my post on the Best Things To Do In Nusa Lembongan.

Less developed than the subsequent islands I visited, Nusa Lembongan (along with its two sister islands: Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan) brought a quiet relaxed atmosphere and all the island vibes I could dream of!

With hindsight, I wish I’d allocated more time to this little island as it broke my heart to leave after only one day. Thus if you’re planning your own Bali two week itinerary you may want to extend your stay here!!

two week itinerary Bali - Nusa Lembongan

Where to Stay – 

Being relatively under-developed and small in size, there aren’t hundreds of place to stay in Nusa Lembongan. My hotel of choice was Sammada Hotel & Beach Club . Other than slightly dodgy WiFi, I have no complaints!

two week itinerary Bali - Nusa Lembongan

Where to Eat –

I was super knackered after a full day of exploring Nusa Lembongan so decided to eat dinner at the hotel. Despite being a decision made out of laziest, it turned out to be a magical evening! This was mainly thanks to the atmosphere; I was blessed with the best company, sea views and four courses for only 20,000 IDR… Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Days 5-7 Exploring the Gili Islands – 

Perhaps the destination I was most excited to explore on this trip were the Instagram famous Gili Islands.

Taking another sea-sickness educing fast boat from Nusa Lembongan, I arrived at the biggest of the three islands (and my chosen base) Gili Trawangan at around 11am, which allowed optimum time for exploring…

I’ve actually already written a detailed post on how I spent my time in the Gilis. But, to give you a quick run down, it was three heavenly days of snorkelling, sunsets, eating and drinking… My four favourite things ;).

Where to Stay –

My time on Gili Trawangan also brought my favourite accommodation choice: Villa Ombak. This hotel proved to be the perfect combination of luxury and island minimalism – the rooms are built within traditional bungalows! Featuring two pools (one with a bar I might add) hammocks, giant chess boards and a spa, I could have easily spent my whole time in the Gilis with-in the hotel grounds… Thus I would highly suggest a stay!

Where to Eat –

Rather than suggesting where to eat in Gili T, I’m going to tell you which restaurant to give a miss: Trattoria. After eating here ALL my travel buddies and I got bad food poisoning…. As you can imagine, throwing our guts up was not the nicest way to spend our last day!

Day 8 a trip to Lombok – 

Ok, So I should have really called this post: Bali, Lombok, and the Gili Islands itinerary. But hey-ho…

bali travel itinerary ideas - Lombok

Off the main tourist trail, Lombok is one hell of a ‘Magical Places’. Open green fields, towering mountains and cascading waterfalls are just some of the sights this island has waiting for you…

Sadly I only had time for a day trip. None the less, this was more than enough time to be blown away but Lombok’s beauty and the kindness of its locals!


Read how I spent my day in Lombok!!

Where to Eat – 

Nothing could beat the views that greeted me from the restaurant I stopped in for lunch on Lombok. Sadly I can’t remember (or find)  its name 🙁 but, if you visit Tiu Kelep Waterfall, you will see it adjacent to the sites entry point!

Days 9-12 Discovering Ubud –

The next morning I had to wave goodbye to island life (my heart is still breaking over this fact) and head back to mainland Bali. I made the journey back by ferry, which was honestly such a better experience than taking the vomit inducing fast boat!

Anyway, I digress, once I was back in Bali I ventured inland to the popular destination of Ubud.

bali travel itinerary ideas - Ubud

Despite getting its fair share of tourists, Ubud has somehow managed to keep its authenticity, making it my favourite area in Bali. It’s laidback, yet not boring. Cultural yet trendy… All this not only makes Ubud an interesting place to visit but also means there’s an abundance of things to do!

I’ve in fact got a post on Unique things to do in Ubud, which you should check out… Although its ok if you want to visit the monkey forest – I went too. 😉


My favourite activity? Simply enjoying the beautiful surroundings which actually much reminded me of the jungle in Lombok. 🙂

Bali two week travel itinerary - Ubud

Where to Stay –

My hotel in Ubud (The Anumana) was in the perfect location: its right next to the monkey forest and within walking distance of the areas main restaurants! Whats more the pool is simply stunning and very Instagram-able…

Bali two week travel itinerary - Where to stay in Ubud

TOP TIP: hotels in Bali tend to be fantastic value for money, I didn’t have a huge budget for my trip but managed to spend most nights in amazing and beautiful hotels without ‘breaking the bank’. 🙂

Where to Eat –

Ubud really spoils you for choice in terms of places to eat! Thus, I can’t choose a favourite spot… This said the food at Kubu at Mandapa is particularly good.

Days 13-14 Relaxing in Seminyak –

My final two days were spent back on the coast and close to the airport. Seminyak is certainly more touristy than any of the other areas I stayed in, but by this point in the trip I have to be honest in welcoming the familiarity!

Where to stay –

I saved money in Seminyak by staying at the Grandmas Plus Hotel. For just £10 a night my room was perfectly clean and had excellent WiFi, which meant I could finally spend an evening binge watching Netflix – Yay for me. 😉

Where to eat –

As mentioned above, Seminyak is a very tourist orientated province. Thus, a lot of the places to eat are influenced by western tastes. This said, there are still some quirky restaurants/cafes that add a little bit of charm. My personal favourite was the Mac-Cheese Cafe which serves (yep you guessed it) Mac and Cheese… But its topped with nachos… Now this may sound weird but I’m still craving another portion now!

So there you have it, my Bali Two week Itinerary… With hindsight, I wish my trip was a few days longer so I could have had more time to explore the Nusa Islands and Lombok – but you live and learn right?


Thanks for reading, if you’ve been to Bali yourself I’d love to here how you spent your trip in the comments below!




5 Unique Things to do in Ubud

I’m a planner when it comes to my trips! Thus, when I added Ubud as my final port of call on my Bali Island Hopping adventure,  I quickly began Googling: Ubud things to do? Or, what to do in Ubud Bali? 

However, the only suggestion that the internet seemed to have for me was to visit the Ubud Monkey Forest…. Now I’m a huge fan of monkeys! But, I had my sights set on more adventurous and unique things to do!

5 Unique Things to do in Ubud - Ubud monkey forest

On my arrival in Ubud however, I thankfully found that ‘The Heart of Bali’ has hundreds of amazing places to explore and a seemingly endless amount of unique things to do. I could go on all day about everything I, therefore, got up to during my time in the region! But, I’m sure most of you reading don’t have all day. 😉 Thus, I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite experiences…

So, without further ado lets get onto 5 Unique things to do in Ubud:


1) Visit Ubud’s Rice Fields – 

Ok, I know what your thinking, my first top thing to do in Ubud isn’t exactly unique because hello, have you even been to Ubud if you don’t Instagram a picture of the rice fields?

But, I believe that the landscapes of these man-made masterpieces are simply too breath-taking to miss. Thus, despite being ‘touristy’, a trip to one (or more) of Ubud’s rice fields is something I’d highly recommend!

5 Unique Things to do in Ubud - rice fields

Personally, I chose to visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Not only was I blown away by the scenery here, but I also thoroughly enjoyed walking along/down the terraces as I felt as though I was getting a true sense of life in rural Bali… Even if there was a slight crowd!

TOP TOP: Fancy taking in the scenery somewhere ‘off the tourist trail’? Why not walk the Campuhan Ridge. Rather than taking you within the rice fields themselves, this walk lets you admire the landscape from one of Ubud’s many ridges, while also offering great views over the whole valley, something which is especially beautiful at sunrise/sunset. 

5 Unique Things to do in Ubud - things to do in Ubud bali (rice fields 2)

2) White Water Rafting – 

The second of my 5 unique things to do in Ubud is one for adrenaline seekers – White Water Rafting… Hurtling down the rapids of the Ayung River was not how I’d imagined spending my last day in Bali but, it was perhaps the most memorable experience from my whole trip!

This was largely down to one thing: The scenery… The river is encased by tall cliffs on either side, meaning that vines and trees hang down to the water’s edge, making you feel as though you’re in the middle of the Amazon!

5 Unique Things to do in Ubud - Ubud activities (White water rafting)

However, I do have to admit that visiting in early June i.e. the dry season, meant that the rapids were more of a lazy river. As such my blood didn’t really get pumping during my voyage down the river. So if you’re looking for pure adrenaline make sure to visit from October to March when the river is in full flow!

TOP TOP: There are many different companies that offer White Water Rafting in Ubud. Some are safer and more professional than others. Thus do your research when choosing! I opted to go with ‘Bali Adventure Tours’ and would highly recommend them!

3) Eat Overlooking Mount Batur – 

Mount Batur is an active volcano with spectacular scenery and vibrant colours. In other words, it’s a must visit on any trip to Bali!

Located in Batur village, within the islands Kintamani District, Mount Batur is actually about an hour’s drive from Ubud (so technically its one of the best things to do NEAR Ubud). None the less, the views are more than worth the drive.

5 Unique Things to do in Ubud - best things to do in Ubud (Mount Batur)

Whats more, you can pair your trip to Mount Batur with a feast fit for a king thanks to a handful of restaurants that overlook the volcano from a hilltop road.

I ate at Madu Sari Restaurant which offers an authentic Balinese buffet whereby you can eat as much as you like whilst taking in the spectacular views – it’s a win-win!

TOP TIP: If you’re feeling adventurous there are several companies that offer hikes up Mount Batur in the early hours of the morning. Taking around two hours, they allow you to reach the summit for one of the most magical sunrises in Bali.

4) Visit a Luwak coffee farm – 

A somewhat odd (yet surprisingly nice) delicacy in Indonesia is Luwak Coffee which, in recent years has actually become known as the ‘best coffee in the world’. How’s it made? I hear you ask. Well basically, Luwaks (also know as Civet Cats) roam freely around coffee plantations, eating only the best coffee cherries. However, they can’t digest the coffee beans meaning that farmers can collect the perfectly sorted beans from their droppings – I told you it was weird. 😉

Anyway I digress, one of the best authentic experiences you can, therefore, have in Ubud, is to visit one of these Luak Coffee farms. Personally, I chose to visit Satria Agrowisata which you can reach by bike or taxi.

I found it fascinating to learn more about how this delicacy is made, and the process through which poo is turned into something people actually drink! However, my favourite part of the experience was the free coffee tasting, whereby I got to sample the Luwaks work along with many fruit teas – all the while enjoy the scenic surroundings of the jungle.

For me, this is the perfect place to stop at after a busy day of exploring!

5 Unique Things To Do In Ubud - Things to do near Ubud - Luwak coffee farm

SIDE NOTE: some Luwak coffee farms keep their Luwaks in cages rather than allowing them to roam free – please try and avoid such places!

5) Take a cooking lesson –

My final unique thing to do in Ubud is to take a cooking class! I mean what could be better than learning from local Balinese chefs about how to cook famous dishes such as Satays, Nasi Ayam and Lawar… Dishes which you then get to sample I might add .:)

In this way, such classes not only allow you to fill your stomach but also provide you with new skills. Who knows perhaps you could rustle up Bebek at your next dinner party?

Check out the Top 10 Ubud Cooking Classes on Tripadvisor!


As I said at the beginning of this post, it was super hard to limit my list of: ‘Unique Things to do in Ubud’ down to just five things. There’s simply too much to see and do within Ubud – consequently, its the one part of mainland Bali that I feel I need to return too!

Have any other suggestions of Unique things to do in Ubud? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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