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Top 5 Things To Do In Nusa Lembongan

Just a 30 minute speedboat ride from Sanur, the small island of Nusa Lembongan is a must visit on any trip to Bali! From white sand beaches and coral reefs to adoring locals and delicious sea food, Lembongan is as close to paradise as you can get!

Further, its seemingly a gift that keeps on giving because, despite its small size, there’s an endless amount of things to see and do!!

However, if you’re short of time, fear not because I’ve compiled a list of my Top 5 things to do in Nusa Lembongan:


1) Visit Panorama Point –

One of the most spectacular places to visit on the island is the so called: ‘Panorama view point’. Here, a gap in the trees offers breath-taking views of the bay below. What’s more, on a clear day, you can make out Mt Agung in the background – The highest point in Bali.

Things to do in Nusa Lembongan View Point

SIDE NOTE: the best way to get around Nusa Lembongan is by hiring a bike. This can be done on arrival at Jungut Batu Beach, or through your hotel, for around 100,000 IDR a day. The traffic is thankfully much much more relaxed than on the mainland so you won’t be dicing with death by doing so!

2) Gaze at Devils Tears – 

On the West coast of Nusa Lembongan, one particular rocky outcrop has been eroded in such a way that when a big wave crashes into it, the water’s sucked inwards before then dramatically exploding upwards into the sky (often creating a rainbow in the process) :

Things to do in Nusa Lembongan Devils Tears

It’s said by the locals that the exploding water droplets are the tears of the Devil, hence the name of this spectacular display by mother nature! I even saw my first wild Sea Turtle battling the waves at this truly brilliant spot! 🙂

3) Lounging on Dream Beach –

A short walk from the ‘Devils Tears outcrop brings you back to the land of pristine white sand and possibly my favourite beach on all of Bali’s Islands.

Things to do in Nusa Lembongan Dream Beach

This hidden cover is very adeptly named ‘Dream Breach’ – with incredibly soft sand and accompanying turquoise ocean, its not hard to see why! Further, it’s the only beach on the island free of boats… There’s even an adorable swing for those Instagram shots 😉

Honestly, you could spend all day lounging on this beach! A quaint restaurant at the top of the stairs is enough to meet all your refreshment and toilet needs, meanwhile, the beach itself is slightly off the main ‘tourist’ track, meaning you’ll often get the cove to yourself!

However, Dream Beach is not one for swimming as a strong swell and massive waves make it quite dangerous. None the less, a visit certainly makes the list of one of the Top 5 Things to do in Nusa Lembongan.

SIDE NOTE: Looking for somewhere to swim? The island has several other more sheltered beaches where its safe to take a dip! Such as the equally as picturesque Mushroom Beach. 

4) Cross the Yellow Bridge to Nusa Ceningan –

If you venture to the South East of Nusa Lembongan you’ll come across a yellow suspension bridge which is actually a lot sturdier than it looks! This is just as well, as its the only land crossing to Lembongan’s sister Island Nusa Ceningan.

Things to do in Nusa Lembongan Yellow Bridge

SIDE NOTE: Nusa Ceningan is the smallest of the three ‘Nusa’ Islands, the third being Nusa Pendia. This is not to say however that it isn’t worth exploring in its own right! A day trip by bike (or even on foot) to this little gem is well worth it! Highlights include the Blue Lagoon which (surprise surprise) has the bluest water I’ve ever seen, cliff top views and ‘secret beaches’…

Anyway, I digress, Being the only passage to Ceningan you can imagine that this little bridge is a busy place! Despite being just wide enough for a single bike to get across, locals skim past each other, while travellers wait for the coast to be clear before jumping in for a ‘candid’ shot.

Other than being a great photo opportunity, and a prime spot for people watching! The ‘yellow bridge’ also has a hidden secret… If you visit in the late evening, you’ll notice a small crowd building. This is because the side of the bridge offers one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve seen in Bali!

Things to do in Nusa Lembongan Yellow Bridge 2

5) Exploring the Mangrove Forest –

My last, but by no means least, Top Thing to do in Nusa Lembongan is to take the time to explore the islands Mangrove forest.

This relaxing and magical landscape takes up much of the islands North East coast, and is a great place to visit if you get bored of the beach!

You can hire a local guide to show you round in a classic Balinese boat for less than 100,000 IDR (although you may have to haggle). There’s also plenty of places to rent Kayaks and Paddle Boards for the more adventurous souls out there…

Things to do in Nusa Lembongan Mangrove

However, for me, the Mangrove really comes alive under the water! Its unique sand base (rather than mud) means that the water is surprisingly clear, and teeming with hundreds of different fish! Thus, hiring some snorkelling gear may be the best money you ever spend. 😉

SIDE NOTE: This said, the beautiful waters around the whole island are fantastic for snorkelling and diving! They’re in fact famous for offering the chance to swim with wild Manta Rays. As such, If you’re staying here for several days, I’d certainly think about booking a day trip!


So, there you have it! My Top 5 Things to do in Nusa Lembongan… I fell in love with this little island and if you take the time to visit, I’m almost certain you will too!


Top 5 Things To Do in Nusa Lembongan


Comment Below if you’re planning a trip to this island paradise! Or, if you’ve  already been I’d love to hear what else can be added to the list 🙂

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Artotel Sanur – Bali (Accommodation Review)

For my first few days in Bali, I decided to treat myself to a little bit of luxury and booked into the Artotel Sanur for the first two nights of my trip! This 4 star hotel combines local art and contemporary architecture with high international standards – according to anyhow. 😉

Below I’ve reviewed my personal experience of staying at this rather unique hotel:


Location – 

The Artotel Sanur is in a near perfect location! It’s right in the centre of the province and only around a five minute walk from the 7km long Sanur Beach.

Read my post Sanur Beach Here 

Accommodation – 

On first impressions, the architecture of the hotel is striking! Wide open spaces, abstract shapes and a modern feel entice you in while the colossal staircase welcomes you to embark upwards to your room…

Artotel Sanur Review 1

The excitement I felt in the lobby, extended into my room! It was spacious, clean and had the biggest god damn bed I’ve ever seen! More than this, it came equipped with a huge TV (which had a good selection of US stations), sound system and amazing waterfall shower. Every room in the Artotel Sanur also has a little balcony which, I thought was a nice extra touch!

However, one thing that did not impress me about the accommodation was the live music which bellowed into my room from the hotels Bocca Bar and Restaurant! Not only was my room situated right above the restaurant (just my luck) but, the hotels ‘atrium’ layout allowed the music to echo up the stairwell. In other words, I could hear the music from two angles which, let me tell you was very noisy and disorienting!!

Artotel Sanur Review 2

 Although the music did stop by 10pm, on my first night, I was jet-lagged, in my PJ’s and ready to ‘hit the hay’ at 8pm! This meant I had to listen to the lovely (please note my sarcasm) music for two hours before finally being able to get some sleep! Thus, I wouldn’t recommend the Artotel Sanur if you’re travelling with kids… Unless you want the little darlings to be sleep deprived 😉

Breakfast – 

Breakfast at the Atotel Sanur is held in the previously mentioned Bocca Bar and Restaurant, the atmosphere of which is lovely. As for the food? It was okay although nothing special! It is however included in the price of your booking so I can’t really complain!

Artotel Sanur Review 3

This said,  to me a lot of what was on offer did not look appetising! More than this though, there simply wasn’t a great deal of variety! I opted for egg (which is cooked fresh), wedges and fruit both the mornings I stayed…. Weird combo I know. 🙂 But, the point is if I’d stayed for a prolonged period, I would have very quickly got bored of the offerings!

However, there is obviously the option of going out to one of Sanur’s many restaurants and cafes for breakfast so it’s not a huge issue in the scheme of things!!

Facilities –

 The Artotel Sanur is packed full of facilities for guests to use and enjoy! The Spa and Wellness centre on the top floor is a must visit! But, the hotel also has several conference rooms, in-house currency exchange, free to use computers and even several social seating areas.

My personal favourite, however, was the rooftop bar and pool. The infinity pool is stunning… It’s almost worth a stay just for the Instagram opportunities. 😉

Artotel Sanur Review 4

However, one downside was that the seating area around the pool is small and restricted. What I mean by this, is that there’s room for no more than 10 deckchairs. For a hotel with over 80 rooms, this is simply not enough! It was like hunger-games trying to nag a deckchair in the mornings!!

Service – 

Upon my arrival at the Artotel Sanur I was given a cold towel and refreshing cocktail as I checked in. This was much appreciated after lugging my far too heavy backpack through the airport! 

Payment was taken up front. At the time I was a little taken aback by this! Did they think I was going to run off without paying? But, I later found this was common practice in Balinese hotels…

Generally, the staff were super friendly and helpful! For example, the cleaner said hello to me every-time I left my room and the restaurant staff accommodated my Gluten Free needs without hesitation.  However, the service I received at the help desk somewhat tainted my experience at the hotel:

Firstly, I asked if they could suggest a tour of Denpasar and the surrounding area, to which the staff simply told me there were only beaches nearby and instead pushed for a day tour of Ubud. I declined as I was already visiting later on my trip!

Artotel Sanur Review 5

A bit disgruntled as I wanted to go out and explore,  I went back to my room and did some research of my own and actually found that there’s a lot to see/do (just beaches my arse)! In this way, I planned my own tour and decided to hire a driver… I then went back to the desk asking if they could hire said driver for me. 

By now, the staff were getting on my nerves as they quizzed my itinerary and insisted I would need to hire a boat to get to ‘Turtle Island’; ignoring me when I said I didn’t want to visit here but the Turtle Conservation Centre that I knew for a fact did not require a boat!

Following this, they then proceeded to quote me 800,000 IR for a driver before turning around and saying that actually, I couldn’t hire a driver for just one person… So once again, I went away and did all the work myself! Finding a lovely driver through for just 550,000 (£40). 

The experience really frustrated me! For one, most hotels around the world love sharing tips and information of things to do/see in their area (every-where else I stayed in Bali provided a map of the area and had several leaflets to hand). But more than this, I felt as though the staff were rather condescending!

Artotel Sanur Review 6

Price –  

I booked the Artotel Sanur as a little treat for myself! However, its four stars and luxury feel came with a pretty hefty price tag! I stayed in a Studio 40 room for £70 a night. Although in the West this would be an amazing price, in Bali… Not so much!

If I’m completely honest, I think this is slightly overpriced! The hotel was good, but it wasn’t amazing! The room wasn’t massive and the food average. Further, although the rooftop pool was impressive most hotels in Bali boost ones equally as extrinsic and actually with more space…


So, would I stay here again? 

Although my stay was overall pleasant, I wouldn’t rush back! As stated above, I found the Artotel Sanur a little expensive for what you get and to be honest my help desk experience really got on my nerves!

More than this though, I simply wasn’t ‘blown away’. Considering the number of hotels in the region, if I were to return to Sanur, I’d probably opt for different accommodation. I walked past many stunning resort hotels on Sanur Beach which struck my fancy. 😉

DISCLAIMER: I do not own most of the photos in this post, many are taken from the Artotel Sanur’s Website


Artotel Sanur - Accommodation Review. This luxury hotel has a contemporary design, chic bedrooms and open plan reception, with a rooftop infinity pool to die for! But would I recommend a visit?

If you’ve stayed in Bali I’d love to hear about any hotels/villas you’d recommend in the comments below 🙂

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Sanur or Seminyak – where to stay in Bali Indonesia

Deciding where to set up camp is one of the toughest decision you have to make when planning a trip. Unfortunately, South East Bali is no exception to this and has many popular regions to choose from.

During my trip, I stayed in both Sanur and Seminyak (two sought-after destinations). Below, I’ve compared the two locations in a bid to help you tackle the internal struggle of choosing where to stay. 🙂


Why not Kuta? –   

I thought I’d quickly mention why I (and you) shouldn’t even consider staying in Kuta – perhaps the regions best-known province.

I ruled out staying here after reading several posts from fellow Travel Bloggers (I’ve linked my favourite below) about how Kuta has lost any Balinese authenticity, that it’s dirty and basically filled with Australian teens ‘on the piss’:

Location –

Sanur and Seminyak are both situated 20-minutes from the airport, meaning each province is easily accessible!

Sanur sits South East meaning it’s marginally closer to Ubud. Meanwhile, Seminyak (which is slightly further north) is better situated for day trips to Jimbaran. Thus, it can easily be stated that the locations of the regions, in terms of their proximity to other points of interest, are pretty on par!


This said, Bali’s roads are famed for being chock-a-blocked during peak times, this fact may make Sanur’s location slightly superior as there’s often less traffic in this quieter province!

Price of Accommodation –

So where is it cheaper to stay? Sanur or Seminyak?

During my research, I noticed that hotel prices in Seminyak appear to be a little steeper than Sanur. This said accommodation prices in Bali vary depending on what you’re looking for!

For example, Sanur was actually home to Bali’s first ever ‘Beach Resort’ thus, it has many luxury hotels on it’s beachfront that are actually more expensive than the big resorts in Seminyak. However, if you go further inland, you’ll get a lot more for your money in Sanur than you would in the bustling heart of Seminyak.

Likewise, if travelling in a group, Villas are a great option in both areas! They tend to be more out of the way but, you really can’t beat the prices! It work’s out much cheaper to rent a villa than pay for hotel rooms in both locations!

Food/nightlife – 

Sanur is known for being laid back and low key thus, it doesn’t have a great nightlife. Aside from some beach bars, there’s not much in the way of clubs/drinking venues.

However, what it lacks in quenching your first, Sanur more than makes up for in terms of filling your stomach! The large majority of restaurants in Sanur are Warungs‘ meaning they serve delicious local food – providing a traditional Balinese experience.

Seminyak on the other hand, couldn’t be more different! Swamped at night, you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs which stay open late. Meanwhile, ‘Warungs‘ are hard to come by and westernised restaurants hold rank…

Authenticity –

This leads nicely onto the ‘authenticity’ of the two areas. As I stated above, Sanur is pretty quiet! This has enabled the region to maintain a certain charm. In other words, you can relax in a five-star beach resort and then walk two minutes down the road to be immersed in local Balinese life.

Comparatively, western influences are clear to see in Seminyak, with most restaurant’s and shops catering towards tourists needs and wants. More than this, the main streets are always packed with fellow holidaymakers – you’ll be pushed to see any Balinese who are not working!

This said (to a certain degree) you can still get a sense of Balinese culture in Seminyak. For example, if you wander off the main streets, local ‘Warungs’ can be found, you just have to know where to look…

Beach –

If you follow Earth’s Magical Places, you’ll be aware that I have already made a post about Sanur Beach (Read here). To summarise, the main section of the beach was dirty and filled with litter! However, I’ve since heard that further along the beach (which stretches 7km) there are some nicer sections of sand to relax on!


Sanur Beach

Seminyak Beach also has a reputation for being dirty! However, on my visit, it was actually pretty clean… Either way, it’s not one for swimming due to its big waves and strong currents. However, this does make it a surfers paradise!

Comparatively, Sanur is protected by a reef about 100m offshore. This means that it’s more like a lagoon with calm water… Thus I’d say more family friendly!

Both beaches have a good selection of bars and restaurants along the shoreline as well as loungers to rent (although they tended to be expensive).

If I had to choose, I’d say Sanur Beach slightly takes the edge! But, to be honest, if you’re looking for a beach paradise you’re better off staying on one of Indonesia’s more remote islands like the Gilis. 🙂



Seminyak Beach



Overall, I’d say that choosing between Sanur and Seminyak comes down to personal preference: if you’re looking for a relaxed, charming and authentic location, Sanur’s your spot! But, if you’re more into nightlife, surfing and prefer somewhere more lively then Seminyak’s perfect….

Want a mix of the two? Then do as I did and stay for several nights in both areas! Plus, (as I’ve already stated) Bali’s a small island and taxis are cheap as chips. This means that even if you spend your whole trip in one area, you can venture into other regions for day trips, dinners out or even trips to the beach.

Have you stayed in either Sanur or Seminyak? Planning a trip to Bali? Let me know if you any questions or thoughts on this post in the comments below:

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Struggling to decide where to stay in Bali Indonesia? Then you need to read this article which compare the destinations of Sanur and Seminyak.

The Worst Beach in Bali: What Instagram Doesn’t Tell You About Sanur Beach –

If you’ve been following ‘Earths Magical Places’ on social media (links below) you’ll be aware that I’ve recently been roaming around Bali and its surrounding islands!


My first port of call on this adventure was Sanur; a more relaxed province of Denpasar, away from the party scenes of Kuta and Seminyak… I decided some time to adjust on the quiet side of town would be needed before I jumped into the craziness of these better known regions!

None the less, I was still keen to get out and explore! Thus, after a morning of adjusting to the humidity of Bali…. Which, let me tell you is intense AF! I decided to head down to Sanur beach. However, when I reached the beach, my heart sank at what I saw…


Not so golden sand –

After months of envious scrolling through Instagram pictures of Bali’s beach’s I’d expected to be met with white sand, palm tress and a local selling freshly picked coconuts.

But, this was far from the case on Sanur Beach: the sand was almost grey and rough as hell on my feet, it literally felt like walking on glass! Can’t say I’ve ever experienced sand quite like it! I assumed it had something to do with how big the grains of sand were but still, far from what I’d dreamed of!

Litter Galore –

Further, I honest to god have never seen such a dirty beach, I could kick myself for not taking a photo of the rubbish… Instead I’ll wait here while you google image ‘Sanur Beach rubbish’ (I’ve even linked it for you – aren’t I nice).


If you zoom in on the water in this picture you can see a fair amount of rubbish! But, it was much worse on the sand!!

A Beach of two Halves –

Perhaps what surprised me most about the amount of rubbish, was the fact that I’d had a quick look on TripAdvisor before venturing to the beach…. Most reviews I read were glowing and the beach was rated 4 stars!

At first, I couldn’t quite understand how anyone could have anything nice to say… I even started to doubt the trusty app! But, as I wandered to what I thought was the end of the beach, all became clear…

As I peeped over an unruly hedge (which clearly marked the end of this appalling stretch of sand) I was surprised to see that the beach actually continued further along… Being the adventurer that I am 😉 I navigated my way around the bush, instantly finding myself in another world…

I was met by a well-maintained stone path, soft golden sand (which I later discovered was imported and raked daily by hotel staff) and not a piece of litter in sight!


Now all the good reviews made sense! It was clear that most people found themselves on this ‘side’ of the beach which, was certainly worth an Instagram or two. I too was back in my element! Finding an ‘organic cafe’ whereby I could set up my camera for a sunset time-lapse accompanied by a ‘health bowl’ and cocktail…

From here, it would have been easy to overlook the section of beach I’d first encountered! But, part of me was constantly nagged by guilt… I was very well aware that the only reason the second half of the beach was so perfectly manicured was due to the big resorts which backed onto it!

However, said resorts seemed to have little interest in cleaning up the whole beach even though they’d surely benefit from to not having mountains of litter literally meters away? Especially since it was most likely their ‘guests’ who left continue to leave the majority of the litter in the first place?!


It just seems that the big hotels are out for themselves and couldn’t give a damn about the rest of their beautiful country! Meanwhile, it sadly seems fated that every destination us foreigner’s find appealing will buckle under the weight of tourism, leaving the locals with poor ‘public spaces’ (when I’m sure they once had whole, untouched beaches to themselves)…

For this reason, I made a point of not returning to the resort fronted beach for the rest of my time in Sanur!


After writing the body of this post on the first few days of my trip, I soon discovered that the whole of Bali appears to have quite a bad litter problem… I’d be interested to know in the comments below whether you think this is simply due to the countries infrastructure or the influx of tourists in recent years!?

DISCLAIMER:  I’m not trying to be a Negative Nelly in this post (excuse the odd English saying) But, I always strive to be as honest as possible on this blog and if that means shattering a perfect view of Bali, then so be it. But, I’ll assure you that there are many positive and wanderlust inspiring posts to come 🙂

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Qatar Airways (London to Bali) Flight Review

Several months ago, I browsed Skyscanner for the cheapest return flights to Bali (Ngurah Rai International Airport to be more precise). Other than Malaysia Airlines, who have lost one to many planes for my liking, the cheapest available were with Qatar Airways.

I have to confess that I’d never really heard of Qatar (I’ve mainly flown with British Airways or Virgin when travelling long haul) but, after a quick google, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually the ‘most on time’ airline and that economy had pretty good reviews! Following these discoveries, I quickly booked my flights and mentally prepared myself for 18 hours in the air….


Now safely back on my home soil, I can say that overall I was impressed with Qatar Airways and would definitely fly with them again! But lets break the experience down:


Boarding –

Boarding was a blissful experience! Compared to budget airlines (who have no sense of order and boarding the plane inevitably turns into a free-for-all) Someone at Qatar Airways obviously has some brains because the plane was boarded in sections, with the next section only being called once the previous had taken their seats.

In this way, not only was I able to tuck into a snack while I waited for my section to be called but also once it was my turn to board, there was little to no queue and no fighting for space in the aisle… Like I said, blissful. 😉

SIDE NOTE: my cheeky googled proved me right as my flight then took off exactly on time (as did all my connecting and return flights)

Economy Seats –

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of legroom provided in economy on Qatar, as well as the seat’s comfort!

I’d somewhat expected to not even be able to cross my legs due to the closeness of the seat in front of me. However, in fact, I had ample room for leg crossing…

Even when the inconsiderate **** in front of me put their seat back 5 seconds after the seatbelt sign went off on my first flight- as you can see I’m not bitter about this at all. 🙂

TOP TIP: Qatar Airways allows you to choose your seat if you check in online! Not only would I recommend doing this as you can cut queues at the airport but, I’d also suggest picking a seat at the back of the plane… As most people opt for the front, If the planes not fully booked, there’s a strong chance no-one will be next to you!

on 2/4 of my flights to and from Bali, I had the row all to myself, meaning I was able to stretch out – basically business class. 😉

Entertainment system – 

The best part of any long-haul flight (in my opinion) is the opportunity to watch back to back films without feeling guilty! So, how did the entertainment system on Qatar meet my binge watching needs? Very well indeed:

The airline had a good selection of new films available to watch (I finally got to see the New Beauty And The Beast – yay for me!) but also a good back catalogue of older films and TV shows. For example, I cried myself through the ending of Marley and Me and then regretted my decisions to watch it!

FullSizeRender (36)

One thing that I will say however is that on my first flight the entertainment system was very slow and did not boot up until about half an hour into the flight… Although my subsequent systems worked perfectly, I saw other passengers having the same problem I’d experienced…

Service – 

The service from the Air Stewards on my flights was mixed… All were very smiley but, on the several occasions I required help they took a rather long time to assist me!

Adding to this, at one point I was woken up for a meal; my understanding is if I’m asleep, I’m clearly not going to be wanting a meal…

So although good, the service was on par with most other airlines!

 Food – 

This leads me nicely onto the food provided which can be summed up in one word: Meh. it was nothing special but, nor was it hideous!

This said I wasn’t expecting a 5-star meal! At the end of the day, plane food is plane food… There’s a reason people don’t rave about it. 😉

Still, I was impressed with the food in the sense that I was provided with gluten-free meals on every flight – most airlines don’t ‘guarantee’ such a meal. Sitting at the back on most my flights, I was worried some health nut at the front would have taken my meal but thankfully they handed me one over every time with no bother!

 Transfer –

Although not necessarily to do with my flights, I thought it was worth mentioning my transfer at Qatar international airport as its the airlines base, meaning a large majority of its flights stop over there!

My transfer was the swiftest I’ve ever experienced! I simply walked off the gangway and was directed through open double doors straight into the departure lounge – bypassing any security or bag check (slightly dodgy now I think about it)…

Either way, I do sort of wish that I’d seen more of the airport because it was like something out of Back To The Future with glass trains and a pristine white facade… I mean the transfer lounge had its own spa?!


As I said at the beginning of this post, overall I was very impressed with Qatar Airways and don’t have a bad word to say about my experience travelling with them (other than my nitpicking)…

Have you Travelled with Qatar? Or a similar Airline and have some thoughts to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂

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