American Road Trip

I recently set out on the trip of a lifetime; a road trip along the West Coast of America. Starting in Los Angeles, over a period of three weeks, I slowly worked my way towards Vegas, of course stopping off at many magical places along the way.

In my following posts I want to share with you my truthful opinion on the places I visit, giving you insight into the eyes of a British tourist stepping out into the world…

A tour of the sky – Canyon style

Ah, the Grand Canyon, stuff of legends! Averaging 10 miles wide, 277 miles long and a mile deep in sections, it’s no surprise that it’s seen as one of the 7 wonders of the natural world.

It’s vast scale and millions of years of history has always fascinated me. As such, finding myself in Nevada it seemed unwarranted not to explore this magical natural formation.

Staying in Vegas’ the Cosmopolitan

Following an eye opening First Impressions of the Mythical Las Vegas , our choice of accommodation – The Cosmopolitan, set the stage for the rest of our visit to be filled with disbelief and immeasurable grandeur.
None the less, home to 6/10 of the worlds largest hotels, choosing your base within Vegas can be somewhat overwhelming. The city houses an endless amount of accommodation, with each hotel offering a unique niche, style and experience.

So why The Cosmopolitan?