Thoughts on the new Electrical Cabin Ban

Yesterday the UK announced that they’d be following the U.S. In banning large electrical items on selected flights.

To summaries, the new ban covers any electrical items larger than a smartphone, meaning that IPads, Laptops, Kindles and Game Consoles are all not allowed within hand luggage…

However, it only applies to INBOUND flights to the UK or America, from 6 countries:

1) Turkey,

2) Lebanon,

3) Jordan,

4) Egypt,

5) Tunisia and

6) Saudi Arabia.

After reading/hearing about the new rules I was confused, with my research raising more questions than it had answered:

Are we safe? –

The restriction is based on “evaluated intelligence”. In other words, the British and American governments fear that extremists are working on plots to bring down aircraft’s mid air.

As such, it would seem that the ban is a good thing! None the less, if the risk is so extreme then why are mobile phones allowed?

Models like the IPhone 7 Plus are almost as big as the now banned Kindle (and other E readers)… So couldn’t explosives be hidden within such phones?

What’s more, these electrical items can still be loaded onto planes within hold luggage. I’m not an explosive expert but surly a bomb within a laptop could still be triggered (and cause fatal damage) from within the hold?

See what I mean about more questions…


Racism – 

Additionally, although I understand that there’s a larger amount of terrorist activity within the affected countries, solely applying the ban to these nations, in my opinion, will only add to the strain relations, and racism towards the people of such nations…

Terrorists unfortunately operate throughout the world and people from all different backgrounds can be radicalised. Thus shouldn’t the items be banned on all flights?

General annoyance – 

Moving onto a more selfish view point, although the ban could potentially save lives, try explaining this to a toddler whose demanding to watch Pepper Pig on the laptop… Which is now unfortunately in the luggage hold.

Further, the location of the affected countries means that inbound flights to the UK have a duration of no less than 6 hours…

Personally, I’d be bored within an hour without a device to keep me occupied- especially since some airlines affected such as Easy Jet often do not have entertainment systems… Old fashion puzzle anyone?


This disruption is likely to create a feeling of annoyance for travellers. Plus, as it will only create longer waits at already scrutinises security check ins, many will simply resent the new restrictions!

This said, in 2006 liquids over 100ml were banned from hand luggage. Highly inconvenient at the time, its something we now expect and have adapted our packing accordingly – now purchasing adorable travel minis to fulfil our needs.

Along these lines, it could be assumed that in the future we will grow to also except this ban as common place. With no time restriction on how long it will be enforced, nor clarity whether it will be extended to all flights, we may soon find out..


The Travel ban is already raising a large debate within the travel community and politically. What are your thoughts? Are you going to be effected on your next trip? I’d love to here for you in the comments! 

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  1. March 22, 2017 / 9:15 pm

    It is as if with the passing years flying has been made into a chore. Something’s gotta give.

    • March 23, 2017 / 7:33 am

      Exactly!! I’m not looking forward to my 15 hour flight to Dubai that’s for sure

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