Welcome to Earths’s Magical Places

Earth’s Magical Places was created and is run up me – Rachel Clarke. A 19 year old British adventurer with an ambition to see as many of our planets ‘magical places’ as possible.

Whether that be a whole country, city, mountain range, beach or isolated village. Our world is full of beauty and wonder that’s just dying to be seen…

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8 handy tips to avoid overpacking

Have you ever started packing and realised there’s absolutely no way everything you want to take on your trip will fit into your bag? Yeah me too… I’m a self-proclaimed overpacker, and will admit to times of shame where I’ve resorted to sitting on my case!

You could say I like to travel prepared for any situation and is that really a bad thing? Well yes (god damn weight restrictions). Still, over my recent travel adventures I’ve managed to curb my chronic overpacking using the below tips 🙂

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Visiting Berlin’s Historic Sites: 48 hour Trip Itinerary

Berlin is now a city that celebrates creativeness and individualism. However, it was once the power house behind Nazi Germany and later came to represent the height of Cold War Tensions… In other words, it has history oozing out of every street corner.

In this way, when I arrived in Berlin, I put on my walking shoes and set out to visit as many historic locations as I could squeeze into my short, 48 hour trip:

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Should terrorism stop us travelling to Europe’s cities?

Yesterday I woke up to the news that there had been yet another cowardly terrorist attack in my nations capital of London. This comes less than two weeks after the heartbreaking bombing at Manchester Arena. These atrocities, have not only left me heartbroken but also fearful about the state of the world.

Following the equally as tragic attacks in Paris, Nice and Berlin late last year, I can’t help but feel as though we’re stepping on eggshells; where and when will these monsters strike again? Thus leading to the question: Should we stop travelling to Europe’s cities?

For me the answer is very simple – No.

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All you need to know about Revolut Travel Cards (Quick Read)

Like most, on previous trips I’ve exchanged my currency and headed abroad with an abundance of cash. However, having ample spending money to hand in this way result’s in paranoia that all my hard earn cash will be stolen! Leaving me constantly looking over my shoulder and protecting my bag like its a new born child…

The Alternative of using my credit card however has just never seemed worth it! With card transaction fees (applied at around 2.99%) and ATM withdrawal charges, you end up spending so much more money than you bargained for!

A friend of mine recently suggested I purchased a Revolut Travel card… This provided an answer to all my travel prays! To be honest, I now have no idea how I managed to travel without one for so long!

Here’s all you need to know:

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My Favourite Places to Visit in the Algarve

My Uncle is lucky enough to call the The Algarve (Portugal) his home. Although this has resulted in envy inspiring tails of his days spent in the sun, it’s also meant my family and I have enjoyed many cheap and cheerful trips to this beautiful part of the world – yay!

Visiting Portugal’s southernmost region countless times, I’ve learnt one thing: there’s so much to see and do! Stunning Mediterranean beach’s, charming towns and water sports galore are all boxed together and wrapped with a bow of glorious weather…

As a result, narrowing down my favourite places to visit in the Algarve was tricky. But, I powered through ;)… Below are my favourite four things to see and do, Because who doesn’t appreciate a good list?

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Crown & Mitre Hotel, Carlisle (Accommodation Review)

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, You’ll be aware that my family and I recently spent a long weekend in the Cambrian town of Carlisle. Our base for the trip was the historic Crown & Mitre Hotel… But would I recommend a stay?

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A quick trip to Hadrian’s Wall

As mentioned in my previous post, the family and I recently spent a long weekend in Cumbria, the heart of England’s countryside. I couldn’t head this far north without visiting one of Britain’s oldest, yet often overlooked, landmarks: Hadrian’s Wall…

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