REPOST – Globetrotters, The Wandering Darlings

Hi All,

I’m super proud to have recently featured on one of my favourite blogs, The Wandering Darlings, and wanted to share the post with you all!

Make sure to check out my answers to their ‘Globetrotters’ question as well as the rest of their amazing travel blog 🙂

Happy Travels, Rachel x


This week’s wonderous Globetrotter is Rachel from Earth’s Magical Places.

I always love finding blogs with interesting names and Earth’s Magical Places is no different. You can just tell there is a story behind it. Anyone that has the goal to journey to see the magical and beautiful places on this planet we call home gets a big high five from me.

Reading Rachel words, finding out more about her travels and seeing her photographs you wouldn’t expect that she is only a 19-year-old traveller. Not that age matters but it’s great to read about someone wise over their years and isn’t expecting the world to give her a favour but is instead going out and working hard to achieve her goals. #slaygirl

I loved this postpost from Rachel about if we should be letting terror stop us travelling. I wrote a similar one around the same time and…

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