Earth’s Magical Places is a travel blog created and run by me – Rachel Clarke. A 22-year-old British adventurer with an ambition to see as many of our planets ‘magical places’ as possible.

Whether that be a whole country, a city, or a simple beach, our world is full of beauty and wonder that I’m just dying to see…

Majorelle Gardens Marrakech (cities to visit in Morocco)


The Creation of Earth’s Magical Places –

After completing my A-Levels (equivalent to a High School Diploma in the U.S.) I went to law school but dropped out after only one term, realising I was there for all the wrong reasons. Although this was a hard thing to do, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made as it allowed me to take some time out to travel the world…

This passion for travel had been sparked by a family road trip through California the summer before. Whatsmore, it was following this trip that I started writing about my travels and found its something I really enjoy doing! I’m not a qualified writer, nor do I claim to be! But, this blog has turned into something I’m incredibly passionate about and it helped me find ‘my path’… I’m now studying a degree I find super interesting at a university which is close to all the things I love: my friends, family, horse and of course London’s main airports ;). Meaning I’m still travelling in all the free time I can find:

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