Sanur or Seminyak – where to stay in Bali Indonesia


Deciding where to set up camp in Bali is a tough decision, as there are many magical areas to choose from! To help I’ve compared Sanur and Seminyak…

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The Worst Beach in Bali: What Instagram Doesn’t Tell You About Sanur Beach –

My first port of call on my Balinese adventure was Sanur! Prepared from Instagram paradise I headed down to the beach, but my heart sank at what I saw…

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Qatar Airways (London to Bali) Flight Review

I recently flew to Bali with Qatar Airways and overall I was super impressed with the airline! However, check out my full review for all the details…

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8 handy tips to avoid overpacking

Have you ever started packing and realised there’s absolutely no way everything you want to take on your trip will fit into your bag? Yeah me too…

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10 Things You Must Do In Berlin


Berlin is a fantastic city that celebrates creativeness and individualism. However, it was once the powerhouse behind Nazi Germany and later came to represent the height of Cold War Tensions… In other words, it has history oozing out of every street corner. This means that there are a lot of places to see in Berlin. But if you’re tight on time in the city then here’s my list of the things you must do in Berlin:

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